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    “Today in Pakistan, there are an estimated 400 psychiatrists to serve the general mental healthcare needs of 200 million people. As for special needs, for example of young people, who comprise almost half our population, there are only half a dozen trained child psychiatrists available.
    The role of psychiatrists has also been whittled down to undertaking clinical and teaching responsibilities in academic departments. These underdeveloped clinical services focus on a biological model of practice, and revolve around prescribing medications, often unscientifically.”

    Dawn: World Mental Health Day, 2014

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    “Perhaps the most pervasive threat facing the IDPs is the prevalence of severe mental disorders that are known to spike by 3pc to 4pc in affected populations. This means that an estimated 30,000 IDPs will be in desperate need of treatment for severe mental disorders this year.”

    Dawn: July 13th, 2014

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    “Common symptoms of depression include loss of interest in life, feelings of guilt or reduced self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy and poor concentration. Depression can become chronic or recurrent and lead to substantial impairments in an individual’s ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities. It is commonly the result of a complex interaction of biological, psychological and social factors.”

    Dawn: World Mental Health Day, 2012

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    “The common people of Pakistan are characterised by a fortitude that goes way beyond the strength of the average individual. Their resilience in the face of epidemic violence and social injustice is nothing short of inspirational.”

    Dawn: World Mental Health Day, 2011

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    “Around 70 per cent of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas where there is hardly any mental health service. Millions of people suffering from mental disorders are deprived of the necessary treatment and care. Across the world, every 40 seconds a person (usually young) commits suicide. The latter is preventable only if common mental disorders are treated in time.”

    Dawn: World Mental Health Day, 2010

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    “In a disaster situation, the perspectives of the media and those concerned with public health are different. Journalists highlight conflict. They strive to assess the loss of life and property, to determine if the damage could have been prevented and who is to be held responsible. They are drawn to danger and drama, looking for pictures that tell the most compelling story, even when the images are disturbing. This is in contradiction to the public health view, which promotes absence of conflict, minimises loss of life, and emphasises prevention, reassurance and recovery. So how could the media disseminate accurate information and still help prevent mental health difficulties?”

    Dawn: World Mental Health Day, 2008

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    “A comprehensive legislation was promulgated in Feb 2001 known as the Mental Health Ordinance 2001, Pakistan. One had hoped that this would prove to be a landmark in the history of mental healthcare in Pakistan. Unfortunately, it did nothing much to change the situation on the ground. It failed to ameliorate the condition of the mentally ill because six years have passed and it still has to be implemented. The machinery that was to be set up is still waiting to be created. This delay is disconcerting.”

    Dawn: September 13th, 2007

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Meditrina is a specialized healthcare facility
that focuses on high quality clinical services for mental health care
& building capacity for mental health resources.

Clinical Services

Currently 2800 patients with complex mental health problems are registered.
Complete case records of patients are maintained with confidentiality.
Consultations are offered by appointment only.
No admissions offered.

For appointments:
+92 51 8351122 (9pm-10pm)

Mental Health Resource Centre (MhRC)

The objective is to raise awareness about mental health issues and contribute towards building
capacity to recognise and deal with mental health problems through advocacy, consultation, research & training.

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Meditrina is located in the city of Rawalpindi with easy access from both Murree road & IJP road.
It is a 5 minutes walk from 6th Road Metro bus station & 15 minutes drive from Zero point, Islamabad.