007 – Assertive Training

Thursday, 29th September (4pm-6pm)

Suitable for all, this workshop is designed to help individuals to build their confidence and learn to respond to domineering situations effectively without aggressive or hurting responses.
This is an essential aspect of personal development and the exercise is based on principles of behavioural change. The present workshop has evolved at Meditrina over a period of time, working with groups who have struggled with their confidence in relation to mental health problems. The encouraging outcomes have led to this initiative to train others in the community.
It is a highly interact workshop which offers opportunity for self-reflection, learn new skills and work towards healthy interpersonal dynamics. All this is achieved through informal small & large group discussions; and individual & group exercises in a low stress environment.
Registration fee: Rs 1000
For Students: Rs 500
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Last date for registration is 20th September 2016