Clinical Services

Each patient matters!

Meditrina offers quality clinical care based on scientific evidence and ethical principles.
We believe in forming trust based therapeutic relationships & continuity of care.

All patients are registered with their contact details.
Complete clinical records are maintained with highest degree of confidentiality.
All prescriptions are electronically saved.

Psychiatric Assessment
This is a 45 minutes’ consultation that is a clinical interview for taking a detailed history and conducting a mental state examination. All previous treatment is also reviewed.
The objective is to assess nature of problem or reach a clinical diagnosis. At the end of this assessment, a management plan is discussed.

If you feel that your mental health has been suffering and you might need professional advice, please book an appointment.
We try our best to offer an appointment within two weeks. Once booked, our clinic reception will contact you a day before your appointment for further directions/queries.

Emergency consultation
We offer an emergency service for assessing new or follow up cases by an on-call consultant psychiatrist. We try our best to offer an appointment within 24 hours.
If needed, we can arrange a home visit for an emergency assessment as well.

Contact details for an emergency:
During work hours:
051-4847711 & 051-4847722
After work hours:
0343-1220222 & 051-8351122
Rehabilitation Sessions
A multidisciplinary team conducts weekly psychosocial rehabilitation sessions. The goal of these sessions is to work towards symptom reduction/complete recovery; enhancing life skills and emotional capacity to restore an independent and fulfilling life.
The families of the patients are also involved for regular feedback, monitoring change and to provide support to reduce their burden of care giving.
Some common mental health problems that contribute towards impaired functioning and are addressed in these sessions include interpersonal difficulties, emotional outbursts, sensitivity to criticism, low self esteem, poor stress coping etc.

For boys & men: Monday & Wednesday
For girls & women: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 2pm-4pm
Individual sessions
These are designed to address personal needs of the members that cannot be addressed in a group. Initial sessions are aimed at developing a therapeutic relationship and assessment of problems. Once that happens, short term & long term goals are set up by shared decision-making. To help facilitate and maintain change, homework tasks are assigned and weekly activities are recorded. Clinical progress and drug treatment is also monitored.
Group therapy
We conduct regular support groups, which offer an opportunity to explore concerns in a confidential, secure and non-judgmental environment supervised by a therapist. In the groups, both member-member interactions and member- therapist interactions are helpful for a way forward. It is a valuable experience for the members to express themselves and ventilate their concerns. The members experience a sense of hope and relief when they realize they are not alone with their problems. The therapist helps the members by providing information, identifying their strengths and working with the group to reinforce them. Feedback from the group helps modify maladaptive behaviour patterns and psychological problems.
Occupational therapy
This involves activities designed to encourage individual’s participation, building interest and confidence, eliminating barriers, and facilitating skills for personal development. Therapists are closely involved in helping with activities such as drawing, coloring, making cards, playing dart games etc. Following are some of the skills that are the focus of our occupational therapy: 1. Student/work skills (for example, organizing self, handwriting, reading and computer skills) 2. Activities of daily living (for example, eating, dressing and using community facilities) 3. Play, leisure and recreation (for example, play activities and participation)

Mental Health Team

Dr Asma Humayun

MBBS, MRCPsych, MMedSci (UK)
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Israr ul Haq

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Faisal Rashid Khan

Consultant Psychiatrist

Mehwish Zulfiqar

MSc Behavioural Sciences
Clinical Psychologist

Roohi Ghani

MSC Psychology
Clinical Psychologist

Mukhtar Hussain

Clinical Assistant

0333 5107556

Zahid Qureshi

Service Manager


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