001-Basics of Counselling Skills

Saturday, 30th January 2016
Counselling skills are essential for all healthcare professionals and not just mental health professionals. Even outside health sector, especially those who work in humanitarian settings or social services, these skills are extremely valuable to help others find a way through their distress.
This workshop offers an exciting experiential opportunity for participants to work very closely with a diverse professional group to understand the theoretical basis of client-centred approach. It focuses on core principles of counselling through a hands-on experience of client-centred counselling skills. These include attentive listening, asking questions, reflecting, building empathy & checking for understanding. There is particular emphasis on culture sensitivities whilst applying these counseling skills. It also provides an opportunity for the participants to explore their own strengths/weaknesses through self-awareness exercises and helps set a direction for developing their skills further.
This is a highly interactive activity, which provides a stimulating environment to self-reflect, work in pairs, in small and large groups. The participants will be actively involved to experience and demonstrate these skills through role-plays and pre-recorded counseling sessions.
The aim of the workshop is to encourage participants in psychotherapeutic processes more effectively in their everyday work and not to certify them as ‘counsellors’.